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Date: November 12, 2017 Categories: Uncategorized

What does #2BETHEBESTME mean? Well… let’s take a little walk down memory lane first…

Imagine yourself sitting in your 5th grade classroom.  The desks are neatly in rows, the teacher’s desk is firmly placed in the same position in the front of the class, as every teacher’s was, and there is a board in the front of the room with chalk dust swirling in circular patterns.  Where are you? You, my friend, are sitting up straight in your chair listening to your teacher talk endlessly…I mean teach you valuable life lessons.

What happened if you were distracted by your friend passing your a note, or the beeping of the garbage truck caused you to look out the window?  Well…I know what happened to me! I was brought back to the reality of my 5th grade classroom by the thump of a chalkboard eraser hitting me upside the head or landing on my desk enveloping me in a cloud of chalk dust.

Why?  Because I was told to pay attention.  It was expected that I pay attention, and that, my friend, was the end of it.  No reasons, no excuses, and no accommodations.  Pay attention or else.

Now, did I fear my teacher? I didn’t necessarily fear him.  A better way to describe it would be I respected him.  It was understood that I had better do what  I was told when I was told. There wasn’t much to distract us as kids back then.  We played, went to school, possibly church on Sunday, played some more, watched cartoons only on Saturday mornings, and that about wrapped it up.

Now…let’s travel back to 2017.  Does the classroom look different, sound different, or smell different? Why YES my friend it does!  There are desks, tables, beanbags, and cushions sectioned about for seating “options”.  There is the slight smell of pumpkins, vanilla, or lavendar (known to help with focus and attention) and that old chalkboard has been replaced with a flat screen Apple TV.  It’s a bustling and happening place with students working on different projects as the teacher, who might not even have a desk, is milling around assisting children in need.

Times have changed and so have children.  The way we were raised no longer exists.  Children today have always known instant gratification.  They have never had to wait for something.  Drive through windows, Google searches, next day shipping, Netflix, and cell phones have taken the place of the long awaited dinner cooking, trips to the library to find the right book and sit and read it, waiting for months for something to arrive in the mail, waiting until a certain night for a TV show to be on, and a phone attached to the wall with a cord.

Our children need to learn how to deal with the world around them differently than we did.  They need to be taught patience, respect, self-control, and perserverance.  In 2017, there is little time for these lessons between piano, soccer, swimming, basketball, and whatever other type of extra curricular activity kids start at age 5.

The patience that we knew.  The respect and perserverance we showed still are very important in the building block of a child’s life.  Although are not taught in the old traditional way, mainly at home, still need to be taught.  So where should these lessons take place?  If teachers want their students to be successful, they need to learn how #2BETHEBESTME they can be and that means way more than adding and subtracting, then they need to dedicate some teaching time to building great character in today’s youth.

Mylo Storybooks are a great bridge into these lessons and conversations.  Each book presents a new life lesson young children can learn from.  Mylo, a 5 year old boy, will take you and your young ones on a character education journey in a way no other childrens’ book series can.

Join our movement to spread the word of the importance of character education through our hashtag #2BETHEBESTME whenever you post a life lesson or character trait experience your students our own children are learning.

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