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Why Teach Children to Be Courageous?

Date: November 19, 2017 Categories: Uncategorized

Let’s take a minute to recall our first fears…

Possibly it was your first day of school, your first trip to the dentist, or maybe your first time on the big slide, or sitting atop that big hill on your big wheel bike.  However small this fear may look now, it was huge for you as a child.  Taking on these first fears is what shapes us into the adults we are today.  Overcoming our first fears helps us to learn and value challenges and teaches us how great the fruit of our efforts can be.  Through challenge comes strength and confidence allowing us to take on even greater challenges as we grow and mature.

Let’s think about how things might be if we never took on these challenges or if someone fought all of our battles for us.  What might that look like in our futures?  Sadness?  Helplessness? Worry? or maybe Fear?

Learning how to take on challenges and fearful experiences helps us to grow into confident and successful adults who aren’t as afraid of life’s challenges thus making us into happier independent adults.

Today’s society does a pretty good job of trying to eliminate these challenges for young children. Trying out for teams and not making it are less common than in later years.  Some groups and organizations feel that every child is a winner, which is lovely, but how does that prepare them for the real world?  Some parents and teachers try to take the challenging experiences out of their children’s day to eliminate fear and rejection, but how does this teach our youth to persevere and overcome?  I worry about the first time a “real” challenge is placed in children’s hands and they are left to deal with it alone.  How will they overcome it if they never have a chance to try?

Your answer…

In Mylo Storybooks Character Education Program, young children experience life’s first challenges right alongside, Mylo, the doubting, inquisitive, young 5-year-old.  Mylo takes children along on his fear journeys to the first day of school, the first trip to the dentist and so many more. Mylo along with the readers learn that challenges and first can be scary, but if you give them a try, they sometimes turn out pretty easy and sometimes even a lot of fun.

The program is supplemented with other great pieces of children’s literature also proclaiming the value of overcoming fear and adversity, thus deepening children’s understanding of the value to courage. One such book is the book Courage by Bernard Waber.  In this book there are many references as to what the real definition of courage may be but one sentence in the book became the focus of courage and what it can mean for young students.

Below is a recorded version of the book or you can grab your own copy from the library or book store.  The definition of focus is this:  Fear can mean trying overcome bad habits. This saying is the basis for a series of lessons on how students can discover fears they have in school. Students take steps to realize the habits that may be holding them back from being successful in learning. Students go on a journey to plan ways to overcome this habit thus being courageous in their journey to overcome bad learning habits.

My students did a fantastic job with this project and to this day continue to work on this challenge of overcoming bad learning habits in order #2BETHEBESTME!  Here are some of their projects proclaiming their courage challenge.






Here is our


photo wall we hang them on.

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Now you have all you need to go forth and teach those little ones that they have what it takes to be 


All our best,