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Reading To Kids Helps Bonding Process

Date: August 28, 2015 Categories: News

Reading the book “I’m NOT Complaining, Just Explaining” with your children is a great way to connect and bond with your child.  Actually, any time you have to read with your child / children is a wonderful bonding time.


Think about how busy life can be in today’s age.  Taking the time to really slow it down through reading a book like “I’m NOT Complaining, Just Explaining” is quality time that:

1) Connects parents and kids

2) Shows them that reading is important

3) Sets them on a good pathway for a reading future.


The New York Times report from 2014 holds a number of good pieces of information to consider (a link to the study is noted below).  Reading for fun is down 6% over the past four years.  And the report show that children that read though high school were more likely read to by a parent since childhood.  Getting kids to read proficiently by grade three is imperative as kids begin to read for meaning.


While the phrase ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’ is used in society, let’s consider how that connects to parenting.  If we think of it as ‘you only get one chance to make your child a reader’ that can work too.  And think of the dividend you’ll enjoy as they will be more likely to become a well-educated individual who attains a good paying job in the future.


Mylo’s experiences and statements are common.  And “I’m NOT Complaining, Just Explaining” is a wonderful for you and your child to bond as you read about Mylo’s experiences together.


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