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Take Back Family Storytime…

with Mylo and Friends!

Mylo Storybooks will bring the magic back to storytime! 

Each book provides fun, laughs, and lessons each and every child will enjoy!  Mylo grows along with your child in each book providing children a relatable character they are sure to love.  Make teaching life’s lessons fun and enjoyable.  Grab one or grab them all. You are sure to love them!

“Your book was great!! Loved how it was structured and the illustrations were so fun and colorful. Bet the kids will enjoy your book immensely :)” — Lauren

“Loved the book! Young children will be able to relate!” — Becky

“A fun read for kids – and mom & dad too!” — Karen

 “Mylo is a champion for all kids!” — Julie

Mylo Does Chores

Like most kids, Mylo has chores. But after not listening to his mom one day, Mylo has to spend his whole Saturday doing extra work around the house! From cleaning up his little brother’s mess to raking the yard with Dad, Mylo learns that it’s best to listen to his parents the first time they tell him something. The punishment for not listening is way worse!






Mylo Story Books


Mylo Goes to School

Mylo Goes to School is a story about every five year old’s biggest life change…first day of Kindergarten!  Join Mylo as he doubts his love for this new adventure called “school.”  You and your child will LOVE Mylo’s hilarious sense of humor as well as admire how Mylo handles each and every new adventure bravely.







Mylo Goes to the Dentist

In this book, Mylo Goes to the Dentist, Mylo experiences another one of life’s big adventures…losing your first tooth!  Take your child along on Mylo’s adventure as he learns about the tooth fairy and the world of dental hygiene! A great book to help with yet another childhood milestone!



More titles coming soon!