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“Pop” Into a Conversation About Character Education

Date: September 5, 2017 Categories: Uncategorized

Looking for a great way to start conversations about big ideas?  This activity can be used with the youngest of children to engage and excite those otherwise boring and lengthy conversations.

The “POP” Into A Conversation Activity can be used for multiple situations in which discussions are necessary to build understanding in young children.  This particular game focused on conversations about courage, what it means, and how it relates to your performance.  Students were each given a balloon containing a conversation starter about COURAGE.  One by one students pop the balloon to reveal the sentence strip.  The sentence is read aloud and discussed.  It’s a great way to make sure all students are participating and having a chance to be heard.

Here’s a few pics of our fun!


Grab your free copy of this versatile activity to use with your young ones!  Click the image to download your copy!

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