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Mylo Goes to School – A Storybook for Kids

Mylo Goes to School

Help your child tackle life’s first challenges with ease.

Teach lessons, open conversations, and give them confidence using Mylo Storybooks

• Lesson with a Laugh: Mylo Storybooks are not only fun, but each one teaches a new lesson young children need to tackle life’s challenges and firsts.

• Designed for Read Aloud: Mylo Storybooks are designed for read aloud experiences, which can make story time the fun time it should be.

• Many to Choose From: Mylo Storybooks contain many titles so you can keep the lessons and conversations going.

• Relatable: Mylo is a 5 year old much like all of us. His energy and excitement about the world around him is contagious.




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My name is Mylo. I am five years old, and tomorrow I start kindergarten. Some people say I complain a lot, but… I’m not complaining, just explaining! Mylo is a little boy who complains a little too much. He doesn’t mean to-it’s just his personality! After all, it’s the first day of school, and already he can’t find his favorite red shirt, and Mom didn’t have time to make his favorite breakfast! Through his everyday experiences, Mylo teaches us that while there are plenty of things to complain about, it could all be a lot worse . . . and knowing this leads us all to develop good habits.

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“Your book was great!! Loved how it was structured and the illustrations were so fun and colorful. Bet the kids will enjoy your book immensely :)” — Lauren

“Loved the book! Young children will be able to relate!” — Becky

“A fun read for kids – and mom & dad too!” — Karen

 “Mylo is a champion for all kids!” — Julie

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