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Make This School Year Your Best Ever!

Date: August 15, 2017 Categories: Uncategorized

With the start of a new year teachers are busy preparing their classrooms to welcome new students for a year full of new experiences.  There will be new name tags, sharpened pencils, clean desks, and beautifully decorated rooms worthy of thousands of Pinterest pins, but that is just a fraction of a teacher’s preparation.

Today’s teachers have so many factors that go into their well-planned schooldays.  The curriculum is never-ending and the district and state demands and high stakes testing are always on dedicated teacher’s minds. Is planning out your classroom layout, organization of your library to meet all learners needs, and using the latest technology tools enough? Sadly, it is not.

No matter how hard teachers teach, assess, track, and reflect, academics are just the tip of the educational iceberg.  In order to fully reach all learners, teachers need to teach the WHOLE student.  Whole meaning the child’s academic AND emotional needs. When a child’s basic and emotional needs are not met, learning falls short.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, although years old, is still extremely important for teachers to remember when working hard to develop successful learners. As Maslow states this hierarchy of needs requires fulfillment of one stage in order to graduate to another.  As young learners, students enter school beginning their venture into the upper stages of development such as the psychological and self discovery stages.  What does this mean for teachers?

We need to take time within our daily lessons to infuse character building lessons in order to help our students fully engage in the learning process.

Hence to creation of Mylo Storybooks Character Education Program!

This program is taught through literature, starring 5-year-old Mylo, a boy full of questions and a zest for living life.  The program will take your young learners on a journey with Mylo with a new book/lesson focus each month.

Mylo Storybook Character Education Program takes character education to a whole new level infusing 21st century lessons, digital technology, personal connections with animation, lessons, activities, games, and rewards all wrapped up in a fun and engaging packet you and your students will absolutely fall in love with.

Follow this blog to learn how you can join the

Mylo Movement

…and take your teaching and your students’ learning to a whole new level!

Until the next time…

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