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Why Teach Children to Be Courageous?

Date: November 19, 2017 Author: Ezific Admin Categories: Uncategorized

Let’s take a minute to recall our first fears… Possibly it was your first day of school, your first trip to the dentist, or maybe your first time on the big slide, or sitting atop that big hill on your big wheel bike.  However small this fear may look now, it was huge for you…

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Date: November 12, 2017 Author: Ezific Admin Categories: Uncategorized

What does #2BETHEBESTME mean? Well… let’s take a little walk down memory lane first… Imagine yourself sitting in your 5th grade classroom.  The desks are neatly in rows, the teacher’s desk is firmly placed in the same position in the front of the class, as every teacher’s was, and there is a board in the…

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“Pop” Into a Conversation About Character Education

Date: September 5, 2017 Author: Ezific Admin Categories: Uncategorized

Looking for a great way to start conversations about big ideas?  This activity can be used with the youngest of children to engage and excite those otherwise boring and lengthy conversations. The “POP” Into A Conversation Activity can be used for multiple situations in which discussions are necessary to build understanding in young children.  This…

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Make This School Year Your Best Ever!

Date: August 15, 2017 Author: Ezific Admin Categories: Uncategorized

With the start of a new year teachers are busy preparing their classrooms to welcome new students for a year full of new experiences.  There will be new name tags, sharpened pencils, clean desks, and beautifully decorated rooms worthy of thousands of Pinterest pins, but that is just a fraction of a teacher’s preparation. Today’s…

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Mylo Brushing & Flossing

Date: August 19, 2015 Author: Categories: Uncategorized

Mylo is such a typical kid…one to which everyone can relate.  In one of the storylines of “I’m NOT Complaining, Just Explaining” Mylo is brushing and flossing his teeth.  This is a daily dental hygiene thing to do and yes, Mylo reacts to it as most kids would.   The text reads:  “I’m always supposed…

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