Mylo Helps Your Child Process FeelingsSlide thumbnail

Your child will learn
how to navigate everyday
challenges with Mylo.

Mylo Helps

Your Child

Process Feelings

mylo is great for a beginning readerSlide thumbnail

Great character building
read aloud
for young children.

Mylo Storybooks

Are Great For

Young Children

mylo helps your child learnSlide thumbnail

Your child will see
how life is full of
learning experiences.

Mylo Helps

Your Child


mylo helps you bond with your childSlide thumbnail

Strengthen relationships
with your child as you
discuss Mylo’s experiences.

Mylo Helps

You Bond

With Your Child

Mylo Helps Your Child Interact With Society

Dealing With Bad Decision-makers

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Reading To Kids Helps Bonding Process

Take time to read together today

Reading the book “I’m NOT Complaining, Just Explaining” with your children is a great way to connect and bond with…

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How Children Process Feelings

With Mylo, we have a child who is experiencing the world and sharing his feelings toward those experiences.  We see…

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